1.5 Ton Goodman Gas Furnace GMEC960302BN

Item#: GMEC960302BN

Brand: Goodman

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Product Details


Bring warmth and comfort into your home with the Goodman GMEC960302BN multi-speed, two stage gas furnace. This model from the GMEC series is intended to provide high-quality performance, while saving costs. It features an energy-efficient, multi-speed ECM blower motor and a two-stage gas valve, which provide economical and quite heating. The gas furnace is equipped with the self-diagnostic control board, which ensures easy maintenance and control of operation.

The Goodman GMEC960302BN runs on Low NOx fuel and offers up to 30,000 BTU heating capacity. Also, it operates with an air flow of 800 CFM. The superior air circulation is provided by the low continuous fan speed options. This gas furnace offers fast and easy installation, it can be upflow or horizontally mounted. In order to ensure perfect electrical or gas service, this unit features convenient left or right connection. This model is housed into a heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable finish. This construction resists corrosion and ensures lengthier lifespan. In addition, this Goodman multi-speed, two stage gas furnace provides 96% AFUE thermal efficiency.


  • Energy-efficient, multi-speed ECM blower motor
  • Heavy-duty, aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Two-stage gas valve provides quiet, economical heating
  • Durable Silicon Nitride igniter
  • Quiet two-speed induced draft blower
  • Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory fault code history output to a LED
  • Color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for electronic air cleaner and humidifier
  • Low continuous fan speed options offer quiet air circulation
  • All models comply with California 40 ng/J Low NOx emissions standard
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed
  • Designed for multi-position installation: upflow, horizontal left or right
  • Certified for direct vent (2-pipe) or on-direct vent (1-pipe)
  • Easy-to-install top venting with optional side venting
  • Convenient left or right connection for gas and electrical service
  • Cabinet air leakage (QLeak) ≤ 2%
  • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable finish
  • Fully insulated heat exchanger and blower section
  • Airtight solid bottom or side return with easy-cut tabs for effortless removal in bottom air-inlet applications

  • Maximum CFM: 800 CFM
  • Cabinet Width: 17.5"
  • NOx: Low NOx
  • High Fire Input Natural Gas BTU/h: 30,000
  • High Fire Output Natural Gas BTU/h: 28,800
  • Low-Fire Steady-State Input Natural Gas BTU/h: 21,000
  • Low-Fire Steady-State Output Natural Gas BTU/h: 20,160
  • AFUE: 96%
  • Temperature Rise Range (°F): 20-50
  • Vent Diameter: 2" - 3"
  • No. of Burners: 2
  • Available AC @ 0.5" ESP: 1.5 - 2
  • Size (D x W): 10" x 8"
  • Horsepower @ 1075 RPM: 1/2
  • Speed: 5
  • Min. Circuit Ampacity: 8
  • Max. Overcurrent Device (amps): 15